delinquency prevention program

(3) the term “delinquency prevention program” means a delinquency prevention program that is evidence-based or promising and that may include— (A) alcohol and substance abuse prevention or treatment services; (B) tutoring and remedial education, especially in reading and mathematics; (C) child and adolescent health and mental health services; (D) recreation services; (E) leadership and youth development activities; (F) the teaching that individuals are and should be held accountable for their actions; (G) assistance in the development of job training skills; (H) youth mentoring programs; (I) after-school programs; (J) coordination of a continuum of services that may include— (i) early childhood development services; (ii) voluntary home visiting programs; (iii) nurse-family partnership programs; (iv) parenting skills training; (v) child abuse prevention programs; (vi) family stabilization programs; (vii) child welfare services; (viii) family violence intervention programs; (ix) adoption assistance programs; (x) emergency, transitional and permanent housing assistance; (xi) job placement and retention training; (xii) summer jobs programs; (xiii) alternative school resources for youth who have dropped out of school or demonstrate chronic truancy; (xiv) conflict resolution skill training; (xv) restorative justice programs; (xvi) mentoring programs; (xvii) targeted gang prevention, intervention and exit services; (xviii) training and education programs for pregnant teens and teen parents; and (xix) pre-release, post-release, and reentry services to assist detained and incarcerated youth with transitioning back into and reentering the community; and (K) other data-driven evidence-based or promising prevention programs;


34 USC § 11311(3)

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