sole survivorship discharge

(3) Special rule for members who receive sole survivorship discharge .— (A) If a member of the uniformed services receives a sole survivorship discharge, the Secretary concerned— (i) shall not require repayment by the member of the unearned portion of any bonus, incentive pay, or similar benefit previously paid to the member; and (ii) may grant an exception to the requirement to terminate the payment of any unpaid amounts of a bonus, incentive pay, or similar benefit if the Secretary concerned determines that termination of the payment of the unpaid amounts would be contrary to a personnel policy or management objective, would be against equity and good conscience, or would be contrary to the best interests of the United States. (B) In this paragraph, the term “sole survivorship discharge” means the separation of a member from the Armed Forces, at the request of the member, pursuant to the Department of Defense policy permitting the early separation of a member who is the only surviving child in a family in which— (i) the father or mother or one or more siblings— (I) served in the Armed Forces; and (II) was killed, died as a result of wounds, accident, or disease, is in a captured or missing in action status, or is permanently 100 percent disabled or hospitalized on a continuing basis (and is not employed gainfully because of the disability or hospitalization); and (ii) the death, status, or disability did not result from the intentional misconduct or willful neglect of the parent or sibling and was not incurred during a period of unauthorized absence.


37 USC § 373(b)(3)

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