operating lease

(2) Whenever the President or the Secretary submit to Congress a request for the funding of a major medical facility lease (as defined in subsection (a)(3)(B)), the Secretary shall submit to each committee, on the same day, a prospectus of the proposed medical facility. Any such prospectus shall include the following: (A) A description of the facility to be leased. (B) An estimate of the cost to the Federal Government of the facility to be leased. (C) An estimate of the energy performance of the proposed lease space, to include a description of anticipated utilization of renewable energy, energy efficient and climate resilient elements, and related matters. (D) Current and projected workload and utilization data regarding the facility to be leased, including information on projected changes in workload and utilization over a five-year period, a ten-year period, and a twenty-year period. (E) A detailed analysis of how the lease is expected to comply with Office of Management and Budget Circular A–11 and section 1341 of title 31 (commonly referred to as the “Anti-Deficiency Act”). Any such analysis shall include— (i) an analysis of the classification of the lease as a “lease purchase”, a “capital lease”, or an “operating lease” as those terms are defined in Office of Management and Budget Circular A–11; (ii) an analysis of the obligation of budgetary resources associated with the lease; and (iii) an analysis of the methodology used in determining the asset cost, fair market value, and cancellation costs of the lease.


38 USC § 8104(b)(2)

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