preventive health services

(9) The term “preventive health services” means— (A) periodic medical and dental examinations; (B) patient health education (including nutrition education); (C) maintenance of drug use profiles, patient drug monitoring, and drug utilization education; (D) mental health preventive services; (E) substance abuse prevention measures; (F) chiropractic examinations and services; (G) immunizations against infectious diseases, including each immunization on the recommended adult immunization schedule at the time such immunization is indicated on that schedule; (H) prevention of musculoskeletal deformity or other gradually developing disabilities of a metabolic or degenerative nature; (I) genetic counseling concerning inheritance of genetically determined diseases; (J) routine vision testing and eye care services; (K) periodic reexamination of members of likely target populations (high-risk groups) for selected diseases and for functional decline of sensory organs, together with attendant appropriate remedial intervention; and (L) such other health-care services as the Secretary may determine to be necessary to provide effective and economical preventive health care.


38 USC § 1701(9)

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