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(12)The term “qualifying service” means service in the active military, naval, or air service after the beginning of the Spanish-American War that did not terminate under dishonorable conditions. (b)If an eligible person has attained the person’s majority and is under no known legal disability, all references in this chapter to “parent or guardian” shall refer to the eligible person. (c)Any provision of this chapter which requires any action to be taken by or with respect to the parent or guardian of an eligible person who has not attained such person’s majority, or who, having attained such person’s majority, is under a legal disability, shall not apply when the Secretary determines that its application would not be in the best interest of the eligible person, would result in undue delay, or would not be administratively feasible. In such a case the Secretary, where necessary to protect the interest of the eligible person, may designate some other person (who may be the eligible person) as the person by or with respect to whom the action so required should be taken. (d)No eligible person may be afforded educational assistance under this chapter unless such person was discharged or released after each period such person was on duty with the Armed Forces under conditions other than dishonorable, or while such person is on duty with the Armed Forces.


38 USC § 3501(a)(12)

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