medical services

(6)The term “medical services” includes, in addition to medical examination, treatment, and rehabilitative services, the following: (A)Surgical services. (B)Dental services and appliances as described in. (C)Optometric and podiatric services. (D)Preventive health services. (E)Noninstitutional extended care services, including alternatives to institutional extended care that the Secretary may furnish directly, by contract, or through provision of case management by another provider or payer. (F)In the case of a person otherwise receiving care or services under this chapter— (i)wheelchairs, artificial limbs, trusses, and similar appliances; (ii)special clothing made necessary by the wearing of prosthetic appliances; and (iii)such other supplies or services as the Secretary determines to be reasonable and necessary. (G)Travel and incidental expenses pursuant tosection 111 of this title. (H)Chiropractic services.


38 USC § 1701(6)

Scoping language

For the purposes of this chapter
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