(1) In this subsection— (A) the term “clearly and conspicuously displayed” means presented in a manner that is readily noticeable, readable, and understandable to the group to whom the applicable matter is disseminated; (B) the term “facsimile check” means any matter that— (i) is designed to resemble a check or other negotiable instrument; but (ii) is not negotiable; (C) the term “skill contest” means a puzzle, game, competition, or other contest in which— (i) a prize is awarded or offered; (ii) the outcome depends predominately on the skill of the contestant; and (iii) a purchase, payment, or donation is required or implied to be required to enter the contest; and (D) the term “sweepstakes” means a game of chance for which no consideration is required to enter.


39 USC § 3001(k)(1)

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