local development district

(2) Local development district .— The term “local development district” means an entity that— (A) (i) is an economic development district that is— (I) in existence on the date of the enactment of this chapter; and (II) located in the region; or (ii) if an entity described in clause (i) does not exist— (I) is organized and operated in a manner that ensures broad-based community participation and an effective opportunity for local officials, community leaders, and the public to contribute to the development and implementation of programs in the region; (II) is governed by a policy board with at least a simple majority of members consisting of— (aa) elected officials; or (bb) designees or employees of a general purpose unit of local government that have been appointed to represent the unit of local government; and (III) is certified by the Governor or appropriate State officer as having a charter or authority that includes the economic development of counties, portions of counties, or other political subdivisions within the region; and (B) has not, as certified by the Federal Cochairperson— (i) inappropriately used Federal grant funds from any Federal source; or (ii) appointed an officer who, during the period in which another entity inappropriately used Federal grant funds from any Federal source, was an officer of the other entity.


40 USC § 15101(2)

Scoping language

None identified, default scope is assumed to be the parent (chapter 151) of this section.
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