(1) Subcontract.— (A) Definition .— In this paragraph, the term “subcontract” includes a transfer of commercial items between divisions, subsidiaries, or affiliates of a contractor or subcontractor. (B) When standards are to be used .— Cost accounting standards prescribed under this chapter are mandatory for use by all executive agencies and by contractors and subcontractors in estimating, accumulating, and reporting costs in connection with the pricing and administration of, and settlement of disputes concerning, all negotiated prime contract and subcontract procurements with the Federal Government in excess of the amount set forth in section 2306a(a)(1)(A)(i) of title 10 as the amount is adjusted in accordance with applicable requirements of law. (C) Nonapplication of standards .— Subparagraph (B) does not apply to— (i) a contract or subcontract for the acquisition of a commercial item; (ii) a contract or subcontract where the price negotiated is based on a price set by law or regulation; (iii) a firm, fixed-price contract or subcontract awarded on the basis of adequate price competition without submission of certified cost or pricing data; or (iv) a contract or subcontract with a value of less than $7,500,000 if, when the contract or subcontract is entered into, the segment of the contractor or subcontractor that will perform the work has not been awarded at least one contract or subcontract with a value of more than $7,500,000 that is covered by the standards.


41 USC § 1502(b)(1)

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