continuous period of eligibility

(7) Continuous period of eligibility (A) In general Subject to subparagraph (B), for purposes of this subsection, the term “continuous period of eligibility” means, with respect to a part D eligible individual, the period that begins with the first day on which the individual is eligible to enroll in a prescription drug plan under this part and ends with the individual’s death. (B) Separate period Any period during all of which a part D eligible individual is entitled to hospital insurance benefits under part A and— (i) which terminated in or before the month preceding the month in which the individual attained age 65; or (ii) for which the basis for eligibility for such entitlement changed between section 426(b) of this title and section 426(a) of this title , between 426(b) of this title and section 426–1 of this title , or between section 426–1 of this title and section 426(a) of this title , shall be a separate continuous period of eligibility with respect to the individual (and each such period which terminates shall be deemed not to have existed for purposes of subsequently applying this paragraph).


42 USC § 1395w-113(b)(7)

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for purposes of this subsection
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