provider-related donation

(2) (A) In this subsection (except as provided in paragraph (6)), the term “provider-related donation” means any donation or other voluntary payment (whether in cash or in kind) made (directly or indirectly) to a State or unit of local government by— (i) a health care provider (as defined in paragraph (7)(B)), (ii) an entity related to a health care provider (as defined in paragraph (7)(C)), or (iii) an entity providing goods or services under the State plan for which payment is made to the State under paragraph (2), (3), (4), (6), or (7) of subsection (a). (B) For purposes of paragraph (1)(A)(i)(I), the term “bona fide provider-related donation” means a provider-related donation that has no direct or indirect relationship (as determined by the Secretary) to payments made under this subchapter to that provider, to providers furnishing the same class of items and services as that provider, or to any related entity, as established by the State to the satisfaction of the Secretary. The Secretary may by regulation specify types of provider-related donations described in the previous sentence that will be considered to be bona fide provider-related donations. (C) For purposes of paragraph (1)(A)(i)(II), donations described in this subparagraph are funds expended by a hospital, clinic, or similar entity for the direct cost (including costs of training and of preparing and distributing outreach materials) of State or local agency personnel who are stationed at the hospital, clinic, or entity to determine the eligibility of individuals for medical assistance under this subchapter and to provide outreach services to eligible or potentially eligible individuals.


42 USC § 1396b(w)(2)

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