shared health facility

(9)The term “shared health facility” means any arrangement whereby— (A)two or more health care practitioners practice their professions at a common physical location; (B)such practitioners share (i) common waiting areas, examining rooms, treatment rooms, or other space, (ii) the services of supporting staff, or (iii) equipment; (C)such practitioners have a person (who may himself be a practitioner)— (i)who is in charge of, controls, manages, or supervises substantial aspects of the arrangement or operation for the delivery of health or medical services at such common physical location, other than the direct furnishing of professional health care services by the practitioners to their patients; or (ii)who makes available to such practitioners the services of supporting staff who are not employees of such practitioners; (D)at least one of such practitioners received payments on a fee-for-service basis under subchapters XVIII and XIX in an amount exceeding $5,000 for any one month during the preceding 12 months or in an aggregate amount exceeding $40,000 during the preceding 12 months;


42 USC § 1301(a)(9)

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