(1) Biomass The term “biomass” means— (A) any organic material grown for the purpose of being converted to energy; (B) any organic byproduct of agriculture (including wastes from food production and processing) that can be converted into energy; or (C) any waste material that can be converted to energy, is segregated from other waste materials, and is derived from— (i) any of the following forest-related resources: mill residues, precommercial thinnings, slash, brush, or otherwise nonmerchantable material; or (ii) wood waste materials, including waste pallets, crates, dunnage, manufacturing and construction wood wastes (other than pressure-treated, chemically-treated, or painted wood wastes), and landscape or right-of-way tree trimmings, but not including municipal solid waste, gas derived from the biodegradation of municipal solid waste, or paper that is commonly recycled.


42 USC § 16232(a)(1)

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