national average wage index

(1) For purposes of sections 403(f)(8)(B)(ii), 413(d)(2)(B), 415(a)(1)(B)(ii), 415(a)(1)(C)(ii), 415(a)(1)(D), 415(b)(3)(A)(ii), 415(i)(1)(E), 415(i)(2)(C)(ii), 424a(f)(2)(B), and 430(b)(2) (and 430(b)(2) of this title as in effect immediately prior to the enactment of the Social Security Amendments of 1977), the term ‘national average wage index’ for any particular calendar year means, subject to regulations of the Commissioner of Social Security under paragraph (2), the average of the total wages for such particular calendar year.


42 USC § 409(k)(1)

Scoping language

None identified, default scope is assumed to be the parent (subchapter II) of this section.
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