(VII)In this clause, the term “website” includes any successor technology. (viii)The Secretary shall promulgate regulations establishing a right of appeal and appeals process, with respect to any determination under this subsection for a payment made under this subchapter for an item or service for which the Secretary is seeking to recover conditional payments from an applicable plan (as defined in paragraph (8)(F)) that is a primary plan under subsection (A)(ii),under which the applicable plan involved, or an attorney, agent, or third party administrator on behalf of such plan, may appeal such determination. The individual furnished such an item or service shall be notified of the plan’s intent to appeal such determination (C)The Secretary may not fail to make payment under subparagraph (A) solely on the ground that an individual failed to complete a questionnaire concerning the existence of a primary plan.


42 USC § 1395y(b)(2)(B)(vii)(VII)

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