home infusion therapy

(1) The term “home infusion therapy” means the items and services described in paragraph (2) furnished by a qualified home infusion therapy supplier (as defined in paragraph (3)(D)) which are furnished in the individual’s home (as defined in paragraph (3)(B)) to an individual— (A) who is under the care of an applicable provider (as defined in paragraph (3)(A)); and (B) with respect to whom a plan prescribing the type, amount, and duration of infusion therapy services that are to be furnished such individual has been established by a physician (as defined in subsection (r)(1)) and is periodically reviewed by a physician (as so defined) in coordination with the furnishing of home infusion drugs (as defined in paragraph (3)(C)) under part B.


42 USC § 1395x(iii)(1)

Scoping language

For purposes of this subchapter
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