pro rata basis

The Administrator shall establish a Conservation and Renewable Energy Reserve under this subsection. Beginning on January 1, 1995 , the Administrator may allocate from the Conservation and Renewable Energy Reserve an amount equal to a total of 300,000 allowances for emissions of sulfur dioxide pursuant to section 7651b of this title . In order to provide 300,000 allowances for such reserve, in each year beginning in calendar year 2000 and until calendar year 2009, inclusive, the Administrator shall reduce each unit’s basic Phase II allowance allocation on the basis of its pro rata share of 30,000 allowances. If allowances remain in the reserve after January 2, 2010 , the Administrator shall allocate such allowances for affected units under section 7651d of this title on a pro rata basis. For purposes of this subsection, for any unit subject to the emissions limitation requirements of section 7651d of this title , the term “pro rata basis” refers to the ratio which the reductions made in such unit’s allowances in order to establish the reserve under this subsection bears to the total of such reductions for all such units.


42 USC § 7651c(g)

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