(5) Definitions For the purpose of this subsection: (A) Brief intervention The term “brief intervention” means, after screening a patient, providing the patient with brief advice and other brief motivational enhancement techniques designed to increase the insight of the patient regarding the patient’s alcohol use, and any realized or potential consequences of such use, to effect the desired related behavioral change. (B) Children and adolescents The term “children and adolescents” means any person under 21 years of age. (C) Eligible entity The term “eligible entity” means an entity consisting of pediatric health care providers and that is qualified to support or provide the activities identified in paragraph (2). (D) Pediatric health care provider The term “pediatric health care provider” means a provider of primary health care to individuals under the age of 21 years. (E) Screening The term “screening” means using validated patient interview techniques to identify and assess the existence and extent of alcohol use in a patient.


42 USC § 290bb-25b(g)(5)

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For the purpose of this subsection
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