at-risk individual

(1) At-risk individual The term “at-risk individual” means an individual who— (A) (i) as demonstrated in such manner as the Secretary determines appropriate, has been present for an aggregate total of 6 months in the geographic area subject to an emergency declaration specified under paragraph (2), during a period ending— (I) not less than 10 years prior to the date of such individual’s application under subparagraph (B); and (II) prior to the implementation of all the remedial and removal actions specified in the Record of Decision for Operating Unit 4 and the Record of Decision for Operating Unit 7; or (ii) meets such other criteria as the Secretary determines appropriate considering the type of environmental health condition at issue; and (B) has submitted an application (or has an application submitted on the individual’s behalf), to an eligible entity receiving a grant under this section, for screening under the program under this section.


42 USC § 1397h(c)(1)

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