covered provider

(3) Covered provider (A) In general The term “covered provider” means, subject to subparagraph (B), with respect to a State, a health care provider who is participating under the State plan (or waiver of the State plan) and licensed, registered, or otherwise permitted by the State to prescribe a controlled substance (or the designee of such provider). (B) Exceptions (i) In general Beginning October 1, 2021 , for purposes of this section, such term does not include a health care provider included in any type of health care provider determined by the Secretary to be exempt from application of this section under clause (ii). (ii) Exceptions process Not later than October 1, 2020 , the Secretary, after consultation with the National Association of Medicaid Directors, national health care provider associations, Medicaid beneficiary advocates, and advocates for individuals with rare diseases, shall determine, based on such consultations, the types of health care providers (if any) that should be exempted from the definition of the term “covered provider” for purposes of this section.


42 USC § 1396w-3a(h)(3)

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for purposes of this section
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