(2) The term “deficiency” means— (A) a systemic or substantial material failure of an agency in an area of performance that the Secretary determines involves— (i) a threat to the health, safety, or civil rights of children or staff; (ii) a denial to parents of the exercise of their full roles and responsibilities related to program operations; (iii) a failure to comply with standards related to early childhood development and health services, family and community partnerships, or program design and management; (iv) the misuse of funds received under this subchapter; (v) loss of legal status (as determined by the Secretary) or financial viability, loss of permits, debarment from receiving Federal grants or contracts, or the improper use of Federal funds; or (vi) failure to meet any other Federal or State requirement that the agency has shown an unwillingness or inability to correct, after notice from the Secretary, within the period specified; (B) systemic or material failure of the governing body of an agency to fully exercise its legal and fiduciary responsibilities; or (C) an unresolved area of noncompliance.


42 USC § 9832(2)

Scoping language

For purposes of this subchapter
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