multi-stakeholder group

(7) Convening multi-stakeholder groups (A) In general The entity shall convene multi-stakeholder groups to provide input on— (i) the selection of quality and efficiency measures described in subparagraph (B), from among— (I) such measures that have been endorsed by the entity; and (II) such measures that have not been considered for endorsement by such entity but are used or proposed to be used by the Secretary for the collection or reporting of quality and efficiency measures; and (ii) national priorities (as identified under section 280j of this title ) for improvement in population health and in the delivery of health care services for consideration under the national strategy established under section 280j of this title . (B) Quality and efficiency measures (i) In general Subject to clause (ii), the quality and efficiency measures described in this subparagraph are quality and efficiency measures— (I) for use pursuant to sections 1395f(i)(5)(D), 1395l(i)(7), 1395l(t)(17), 1395w–4(k)(2)(C), 1395cc(k)(3), 1395rr(h)(2)(A)(iii), 1395ww(b)(3)(B)(viii), 1395ww(j)(7)(D), 1395ww(m)(5)(D), 1395ww(o)(2), 1395ww(s)(4)(D), and 1395fff(b)(3)(B)(v) of this title; (II) for use in reporting performance information to the public; and (III) for use in health care programs other than for use under this chapter. (ii) Exclusion Data sets (such as the outcome and assessment information set for home health services and the minimum data set for skilled nursing facility services) that are used for purposes of classification systems used in establishing payment rates under this subchapter shall not be quality and efficiency measures described in this subparagraph. (C) Requirement for transparency in process (i) In general In convening multi-stakeholder groups under subparagraph (A) with respect to the selection of quality and efficiency measures, the entity shall provide for an open and transparent process for the activities conducted pursuant to such convening. (ii) Selection of organizations participating in multi-stakeholder groups The process described in clause (i) shall ensure that the selection of representatives comprising such groups provides for public nominations for, and the opportunity for public comment on, such selection. (D) Multi-stakeholder group defined In this paragraph, the term “multi-stakeholder group” means, with respect to a quality and efficiency measure, a voluntary collaborative of organizations representing a broad group of stakeholders interested in or affected by the use of such quality and efficiency measure.


42 USC § 1395aaa(b)(7)

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