eligible child care provider

(6) Eligible child care provider The term “eligible child care provider” means— (A) a center-based child care provider, a group home child care provider, a family child care provider, or other provider of child care services for compensation that— (i) is licensed, regulated, or registered under State law as described in section 9858c(c)(2)(F) of this title ; and (ii) satisfies the State and local requirements, including those referred to in section 9858c(c)(2)(I) of this title ; applicable to the child care services it provides; or (B) a child care provider that is 18 years of age or older who provides child care services only to eligible children who are, by affinity or consanguinity, or by court decree, the grandchild, great grandchild, sibling (if such provider lives in a separate residence), niece, or nephew of such provider, if such provider complies with any applicable requirements that govern child care provided by the relative involved.


42 USC § 9858n(6)

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