weatherization materials

(9) The term “weatherization materials” means— (A) caulking and weatherstripping of doors and windows; (B) furnace efficiency modifications, including, but not limited to— (i) replacement burners, furnaces, or boilers or any combination thereof; (ii) devices for minimizing energy loss through heating system, chimney, or venting devices; and (iii) electrical or mechanical furnace ignition systems which replace standing gas pilot lights; (C) clock thermostats; (D) ceiling, attic, wall, floor, and duct insulation; (E) water heater insulation; (F) storm windows and doors, multiglazed windows and doors, heat-absorbing or heat-reflective window and door materials; (G) cooling efficiency modifications, including, but not limited to, replacement air-conditioners, ventilation equipment, screening, window films, and shading devices; (H) solar thermal water heaters; (I) wood-heating appliances; and (J) such other insulating or energy conserving devices or technologies, including renewable energy technologies and other advanced technologies, as the Secretary may determine, after consulting with the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.


42 USC § 6862(9)

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