reformulated gasoline

(10) Definitions For purposes of this subsection— (A) Baseline vehicles The term “baseline vehicles” mean representative model year 1990 vehicles. (B) Baseline gasoline (i) Summertime The term “baseline gasoline” means in the case of gasoline sold during the high ozone period (as defined by the Administrator) a gasoline which meets the following specifications: BASELINE GASOLINE FUEL PROPERTIES API Gravity 57.4 Sulfur, ppm 339 Benzene, % 1.53 RVP, psi 8.7 Octane, R+M/2 87.3 IBP, F 91 10%, F 128 50%, F 218 90%, F 330 End Point, F 415 Aromatics, % 32.0 Olefins, % 9.2 Saturates, % 58.8 (ii) Wintertime The Administrator shall establish the specifications of “baseline gasoline” for gasoline sold at times other than the high ozone period (as defined by the Administrator). Such specifications shall be the specifications of 1990 industry average gasoline sold during such period. (C) Toxic air pollutants The term “toxic air pollutants” means the aggregate emissions of the following: Benzene 1,3 Butadiene Polycyclic organic matter (POM) Acetaldehyde Formaldehyde. (D) Covered area The 9 ozone nonattainment areas having a 1980 population in excess of 250,000 and having the highest ozone design value during the period 1987 through 1989 shall be “covered areas” for purposes of this subsection. Effective one year after the reclassification of any ozone nonattainment area as a Severe ozone nonattainment area under section 7511(b) of this title , such Severe area shall also be a “covered area” for purposes of this subsection. (E) Reformulated gasoline The term “reformulated gasoline” means any gasoline which is certified by the Administrator under this section as complying with this subsection. (F) Conventional gasoline The term “conventional gasoline” means any gasoline which does not meet specifications set by a certification under this subsection.


42 USC § 7545(k)(10)

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