ancillary services

(3)The amounts payable under the preceding paragraph with respect to services described therein shall, subject to the provisions ofsection 1395e of this title, be equal to 60 percent of the hospital’s reasonable charges for routine services furnished in the accommodations occupied by the individual or in semiprivate accommodations (as defined insection 1395x(v)(4) of this title), whichever is less, plus 80 percent of the hospital’s reasonable charges for ancillary services. If separate charges for routine and ancillary services are not made by the hospital, reimbursement may be based on two-thirds of the hospital’s reasonable charges for the services received but not to exceed the charges which would have been made if the patient had occupied semiprivate accommodations. For purposes of the preceding provisions of this paragraph, the term “routine services” shall mean the regular room, dietary, and nursing services, minor medical and surgical supplies and the use of equipment and facilities for which a separate charge is not customarily made; the term “ancillary services” shall mean those special services for which charges are customarily made in addition to routine services. (e)Notwithstanding that an individual is not entitled to have payment made under this part for inpatient hospital services furnished by any hospital, payment shall be made to such hospital (unless it elects not to receive such payment or, if payment has already been made by or on behalf of such individual, fails to refund such payment within the time specified by the Secretary) for such services which are furnished to the individual prior to notification to such hospital from the Secretary of his lack of entitlement, if such payments are precluded only by reason ofand if such hospital complies with the requirements of and regulations under this subchapter with respect to such payments, has acted in good faith and without knowledge of such lack of entitlement, and has acted reasonably in assuming entitlement existed. Payment under the preceding sentence may not be made for services furnished an individual pursuant to any admission after the 6th elapsed day (not including as an elapsed day Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday) after the day on which such admission occurred. (f)


42 USC § 1395f(d)(3)

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