NEWS RD&D Office

(1) Definitions In this section: (A) Department The term “Department” means the Department of Energy. (B) Energy-water nexus The term “energy-water nexus” means the links between— (i) the water needed to produce fuels, electricity, and other forms of energy; and (ii) the energy needed to transport, reclaim, and treat water and wastewater. (C) Interagency RD&D Coordination Committee The term “Interagency RD&D Coordination Committee” means the Interagency RD&D Coordination Committee on the Nexus of Energy and Water for Sustainability (or the “NEWS RD&D Committee”) established under paragraph (3)(A). (D) Nexus of Energy and Water Sustainability RD&D Office; NEWS RD&D Office The term “Nexus of Energy and Water Sustainability RD&D Office” or the “NEWS RD&D Office” means an office located at the Department and managed in cooperation with the Department of the Interior pursuant to an agreement between the 2 agencies to carry out leadership and administrative functions for the Interagency RD&D Coordination Committee. (E) RD&D The term “RD&D” means research, development, and demonstration. (F) Secretary The term “Secretary” means the Secretary of Energy.


42 USC § 16183(a)(1)

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