base gasoline

The term “base gasoline” means gasoline which meets the following specifications: Specifications of Base Gasoline Used as Basis for Reactivity Readjustment: API gravity 57.8 Sulfur, ppm 317 Color Purple Benzene, vol. % 1.35 Reid vapor pressure 8.7 Drivability 1195 Antiknock index 87.3 Distillation, D–86 °F IBP 92 10% 126 50% 219 90% 327 EP 414 Hydrocarbon Type, Vol. % FIA: Aromatics 30.9 Olefins 8.2 Saturates 60.9 The Administrator shall modify the definitions of NMOG, base gasoline, and the methods for making reactivity adjustments, to conform to the definitions and method used in California under the Low-Emission Vehicle and Clean Fuel Regulations of the California Air Resources Board, so long as the California definitions are, in the aggregate, at least as protective of public health and welfare as the definitions in this section.


42 USC § 7581(4)

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