additional health services

(2) Additional health services The term “additional health services” means services that are not included as required primary health services and that are appropriate to meet the health needs of the population served by the health center involved. Such term may include— (A) behavioral and mental health and substance use disorder services; (B) recuperative care services; (C) environmental health services, including— (i) the detection and alleviation of unhealthful conditions associated with— (I) water supply; (II) chemical and pesticide exposures; (III) air quality; or (IV) exposure to lead; (ii) sewage treatment; (iii) solid waste disposal; (iv) rodent and parasitic infestation; (v) field sanitation; (vi) housing; and (vii) other environmental factors related to health; and (D) in the case of health centers receiving grants under subsection (g), special occupation-related health services for migratory and seasonal agricultural workers, including— (i) screening for and control of infectious diseases, including parasitic diseases; and (ii) injury prevention programs, including prevention of exposure to unsafe levels of agricultural chemicals including pesticides.


42 USC § 254b(b)(2)

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