family reunification services

(A)The term “family reunification services” means the services and activities described in subparagraph (B) that are provided to a child that is removed from the child’s home and placed in a foster family home or a child care institution or a child who has been returned home and to the parents or primary caregiver of such a child, in order to facilitate the reunification of the child safely and appropriately within a timely fashion and to ensure the strength and stability of the reunification. In the case of a child who has been returned home, the services and activities shall only be provided during the 15-month period that begins on the date that the child returns home. (B)The services and activities described in this subparagraph are the following: (i)Individual, group, and family counseling. (ii)Inpatient, residential, or outpatient substance abuse treatment services. (iii)Mental health services. (iv)Assistance to address domestic violence. (v)Services designed to provide temporary child care and therapeutic services for families, including crisis nurseries. (vi)Peer-to-peer mentoring and support groups for parents and primary caregivers. (vii)Services and activities designed to facilitate access to and visitation of children by parents and siblings. (viii)Transportation to or from any of the services and activities described in this subparagraph.


42 USC § 629a(a)(7)(A)

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