(4) Definitions In this subsection: (A) Knowing and knowingly The terms “knowing” and “knowingly” have the meaning given those terms in section 3729(b) of title 31 . (B) Overpayment The term “overpayment” means any funds that a person receives or retains under subchapter XVIII or XIX to which the person, after applicable reconciliation, is not entitled under such subchapter. (C) Person (i) In general The term “person” means a provider of services, supplier, medicaid managed care organization (as defined in section 1396b(m)(1)(A) of this title ), Medicare Advantage organization (as defined in section 1395w–28(a)(1) of this title ), or PDP sponsor (as defined in section 1395w–151(a)(13) of this title ). (ii) Exclusion Such term does not include a beneficiary.


42 USC § 1320a-7k(d)(4)

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