foster family home

(1) Foster family home (A) In general The term “foster family home” means the home of an individual or family— (i) that is licensed or approved by the State in which it is situated as a foster family home that meets the standards established for the licensing or approval; and (ii) in which a child in foster care has been placed in the care of an individual, who resides with the child and who has been licensed or approved by the State to be a foster parent— (I) that the State deems capable of adhering to the reasonable and prudent parent standard; (II) that provides 24-hour substitute care for children placed away from their parents or other caretakers; and (III) that provides the care for not more than six children in foster care. (B) State flexibility The number of foster children that may be cared for in a home under subparagraph (A) may exceed the numerical limitation in subparagraph (A)(ii)(III), at the option of the State, for any of the following reasons: (i) To allow a parenting youth in foster care to remain with the child of the parenting youth. (ii) To allow siblings to remain together. (iii) To allow a child with an established meaningful relationship with the family to remain with the family. (iv) To allow a family with special training or skills to provide care to a child who has a severe disability. (C) Rule of construction Subparagraph (A) shall not be construed as prohibiting a foster parent from renting the home in which the parent cares for a foster child placed in the parent’s care.


42 USC § 672(c)(1)

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