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(3) Exemption of certain PHAs from filing requirement (A) In general Notwithstanding paragraph (1) or any other provision of this chapter— (i) the requirement under paragraph (1) shall not apply to any qualified public housing agency; and (ii) except as provided in subsection (e)(4)(B), any reference in this section or any other provision of law to a “public housing agency” shall not be considered to refer to any qualified public housing agency, to the extent such reference applies to the requirement to submit an annual public housing agency plan under this subsection. (B) Civil rights certification Notwithstanding that qualified public housing agencies are exempt under subparagraph (A) from the requirement under this section to prepare and submit an annual public housing plan, each qualified public housing agency shall, on an annual basis, make the certification described in paragraph (16) of subsection (d), except that for purposes of such qualified public housing agencies, such paragraph shall be applied by substituting “the public housing program of the agency” for “the public housing agency plan”. (C) Definition For purposes of this section, the term “qualified public housing agency” means a public housing agency that meets the following requirements: (i) The sum of (I) the number of public housing dwelling units administered by the agency, and (II) the number of vouchers under section 1437f(o) of this title administered by the agency, is 550 or fewer. (ii) The agency is not designated under section 1437d(j)(2) of this title as a troubled public housing agency, and does not have a failing score under the section 8 [ 42 U.S.C. 1437f ] Management Assessment Program during the prior 12 months.


42 USC § 1437c-1(b)(3)

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