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(8) Release of research findings (A) In general The Institute shall, not later than 90 days after the conduct or receipt of research findings under this part, make such research findings available to clinicians, patients, and the general public. The Institute shall ensure that the research findings— (i) convey the findings of research in a manner that is comprehensible and useful to patients and providers in making health care decisions; (ii) fully convey findings and discuss considerations specific to certain subpopulations, risk factors, and comorbidities, as appropriate; (iii) include limitations of the research and what further research may be needed as appropriate; (iv) do not include practice guidelines, coverage recommendations, payment, or policy recommendations; and (v) not include any data which would violate the privacy of research participants or any confidentiality agreements made with respect to the use of data under this section. (B) Definition of research findings In this paragraph, the term “research findings” means the results of a study or assessment.


42 USC § 1320e(d)(8)

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