disclosing entity

(2) As used in this section, the term “disclosing entity” means an entity which is— (A) a provider of services (as defined in section 1395x(u) of this title , other than a fund), an independent clinical laboratory, a renal disease facility, a managed care entity, as defined in section 1396u–2(a)(1)(B) of this title , or a health maintenance organization (as defined in section 300e(a) of this title ); (B) an entity (other than an individual practitioner or group of practitioners) that furnishes, or arranges for the furnishing of, items or services with respect to which payment may be claimed by the entity under any plan or program established pursuant to subchapter V or under a State plan approved under subchapter XIX; or (C) a carrier or other agency or organization that is acting as a fiscal intermediary or agent with respect to one or more providers of services (for purposes of part A or part B of subchapter XVIII, or both, or for purposes of a State plan approved under subchapter XIX) pursuant to (i) an agreement under section 1395h of this title , (ii) a contract under section 1395u of this title , or (iii) an agreement with a single State agency administering or supervising the administration of a State plan approved under subchapter XIX.


42 USC § 1320a-3(a)(2)

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As used in this section
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