collateral source benefit

(7) Reduction in award of damages for collateral source benefits (A) In general In an action under subsection (d), the amount of an award of damages that would otherwise be made to a plaintiff shall be reduced by the amount of collateral source benefits to such plaintiff. (B) Provider of collateral source benefits not to have lien or subrogation No provider of collateral source benefits shall recover any amount against the plaintiff or receive any lien or credit against the plaintiff’s recovery or be equitably or legally subrogated to the right of the plaintiff in an action under subsection (d). (C) Collateral source benefit defined For purposes of this paragraph, the term “collateral source benefit” means any amount paid or to be paid in the future to or on behalf of the plaintiff, or any service, product, or other benefit provided or to be provided in the future to or on behalf of the plaintiff, as a result of the injury or wrongful death, pursuant to— (i) any State or Federal health, sickness, income-disability, accident, or workers’ compensation law; (ii) any health, sickness, income-disability, or accident insurance that provides health benefits or income-disability coverage; (iii) any contract or agreement of any group, organization, partnership, or corporation to provide, pay for, or reimburse the cost of medical, hospital, dental, or income disability benefits; or (iv) any other publicly or privately funded program.


42 USC § 247d-6d(e)(7)

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