highly enriched uranium

(1) Definitions In this subsection: (A) Highly enriched uranium The term “highly enriched uranium” means uranium enriched to include concentration of U–235 above 20 percent. (B) Medical isotope The term “medical isotope” includes Molybdenum 99, Iodine 131, Xenon 133, and other radioactive materials used to produce a radiopharmaceutical for diagnostic, therapeutic procedures or for research and development. (C) Radiopharmaceutical The term “radiopharmaceutical” means a radioactive isotope that— (i) contains byproduct material combined with chemical or biological material; and (ii) is designed to accumulate temporarily in a part of the body for therapeutic purposes or for enabling the production of a useful image for use in a diagnosis of a medical condition. (D) Recipient country The term “recipient country” means Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.


42 USC § 2160d(b)(1)

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