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(13) Electric motor.— (A) General purpose electric motor (subtype i) .— The term “general purpose electric motor (subtype I)” means any motor that meets the definition of “General Purpose” as established in the final rule issued by the Department of Energy entitled “Energy Efficiency Program for Certain Commercial and Industrial Equipment: Test Procedures, Labeling, and Certification Requirements for Electric Motors” ( 10 CFR 431), as in effect on December 19, 2007 . (B) General purpose electric motor (subtype ii) .— The term “general purpose electric motor (subtype II)” means motors incorporating the design elements of a general purpose electric motor (subtype I) that are configured as 1 of the following: (i) A U-Frame Motor. (ii) A Design C Motor. (iii) A close-coupled pump motor. (iv) A Footless motor. (v) A vertical solid shaft normal thrust motor (as tested in a horizontal configuration). (vi) An 8-pole motor (900 rpm). (vii) A poly-phase motor with voltage of not more than 600 volts (other than 230 or 460 volts. (C) The term “definite purpose motor” means any motor designed in standard ratings with standard operating characteristics or standard mechanical construction for use under service conditions other than usual or for use on a particular type of application and which cannot be used in most general purpose applications. (D) The term “special purpose motor” means any motor, other than a general purpose motor or definite purpose motor, which has special operating characteristics or special mechanical construction, or both, designed for a particular application. (E) The term “open motor” means a motor having ventilating openings which permit passage of external cooling air over and around the windings of the machine. (F) The term “enclosed motor” means a motor so enclosed as to prevent the free exchange of air between the inside and outside of the case but not sufficiently enclosed to be termed airtight. (G) The term “small electric motor” means a NEMA general purpose alternating current single-speed induction motor, built in a two-digit frame number series in accordance with NEMA Standards Publication MG1–1987. (H) The term “efficiency” when used with respect to an electric motor means the ratio of an electric motor’s useful power output to its total power input, expressed in percentage. (I) The term “nominal full load efficiency” means the average efficiency of a population of motors of duplicate design as determined in accordance with NEMA Standards Publication MG1–1987.


42 USC § 6311(13)

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