rural area

(f)continue processing as expeditiously as possible applications on hand received prior to the time an area has been determined by the Secretary not to be “rural” or a “rural area”, as those terms are defined in, and make loans or grants to such applicants who are found to be eligible on the same basis as though the area were still rural; (g)issue rules and regulations which assure that applicants denied assistance under this subchapter or persons or organizations whose assistance under this subchapter is being substantially reduced or terminated are given written notice of the reasons for denial, reduction or termination and are provided at least an opportunity to appeal an adverse decision and to present additional information relevant to that decision to a person, other than the person making the original determination, who has authority to reverse the decision, except that rules issued under this subsection may not exclude from their coverage decisions made by the Secretary that are not based on objective standards contained in published regulations; (h)notwithstanding that an area ceases, or has ceased, to be “rural”, in a “rural area”, or an eligible area, make assistance under this subchapter available for subsequent loans to permit necessary dwelling repairs and rehabilitation and in connection with transfers and assumptions of property securing any loan made, insured, or held by the Secretary or in connection with any property held by the Secretary under this subchapter on the same basis as though the area were still rural; (i)utilize with respect to the indebtedness arising from loans and payments made under this subchapter, all the powers and authorities given to him under sections 1150 to 1150b of title 12; (j)utilize the services of fee inspectors and fee appraisers to expedite the processing of applications for loans and grants under this subchapter, which services shall be utilized in any case in which a county or district office is unable to expeditiously process such loan and grant applications, and to include the cost of such services in the amount of such loans and grants; and (k)make such rules and regulations as he deems necessary to carry out the purposes of this subchapter.


42 USC § 1480(f)

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