minimum enrollment period

(2) (A) In the case of an individual who is enrolled with a medicaid managed care organization (as defined in section 1396b(m)(1)(A) of this title ), with a primary care case manager (as defined in section 1396d(t) of this title ), or with an eligible organization with a contract under section 1395mm of this title and who would (but for this paragraph) lose eligibility for benefits under this subchapter before the end of the minimum enrollment period (defined in subparagraph (B)), the State plan may provide, notwithstanding any other provision of this subchapter, that the individual shall be deemed to continue to be eligible for such benefits until the end of such minimum period, but, except for benefits furnished under section 1396d(a)(4)(C) of this title , only with respect to such benefits provided to the individual as an enrollee of such organization or entity or by or through the case manager. (B) For purposes of subparagraph (A), the term “minimum enrollment period” means, with respect to an individual’s enrollment with an organization or entity under a State plan, a period, established by the State, of not more than six months beginning on the date the individual’s enrollment with the organization or entity becomes effective.


42 USC § 1396a(e)(2)

Scoping language

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