real conflict of interest

(4) Real conflict of interest The term “real conflict of interest” means any instance where a member of the Board, the methodology committee established under subsection (d)(6), or an advisory panel appointed under subsection (d)(4), or a close relative of such member, has received or could receive either of the following: (A) A direct financial benefit of any amount deriving from the result or findings of a study conducted under this section. (B) A financial benefit from individuals or companies that own or manufacture medical treatments, services, or items to be studied under this section that in the aggregate exceeds $10,000 per year. For purposes of the preceding sentence, a financial benefit includes honoraria, fees, stock, or other financial benefit and the current value of the member or close relative’s already existing stock holdings, in addition to any direct financial benefit deriving from the results or findings of a study conducted under this section.


42 USC § 1320e(a)(4)

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