high-performance green building

(13)The term “high-performance green building” means a high-performance building that, during its life-cycle, as compared with similar buildings (as measured by Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey or Residential Energy Consumption Survey data from the Energy Information Agency)— (A)reduces energy, water, and material resource use; (B)improves indoor environmental quality, including reducing indoor pollution, improving thermal comfort, and improving lighting and acoustic environments that affect occupant health and productivity; (C)reduces negative impacts on the environment throughout the life-cycle of the building, including air and water pollution and waste generation; (D)increases the use of environmentally preferable products, including biobased, recycled content, and nontoxic products with lower life-cycle impacts; (E)increases reuse and recycling opportunities; (F)integrates systems in the building; (G)reduces the environmental and energy impacts of transportation through building location and site design that support a full range of transportation choices for users of the building; and (H)considers indoor and outdoor effects of the building on human health and the environment, including— (i)improvements in worker productivity; (ii)the life-cycle impacts of building materials and operations; and (iii)other factors that the Federal Director or the Commercial Director consider to be appropriate.


42 USC § 17061(13)

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