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(3) Additional review requirement for selected local educational agencies (A) Definition of selected local educational agencies In this paragraph, the term “selected local educational agency” means a local educational agency that has a demonstrated high level of, or a high risk for, administrative error, as determined by the Secretary. (B) Additional administrative review In addition to any review required by subsection (a) or paragraph (1), each State educational agency shall conduct an administrative review of each selected local educational agency during the review cycle established under subsection (a). (C) Scope of review In carrying out a review under subparagraph (B), a State educational agency shall only review the administrative processes of a selected local educational agency, including application, certification, verification, meal counting, and meal claiming procedures. (D) Results of review If the State educational agency determines (on the basis of a review conducted under subparagraph (B)) that a selected local educational agency fails to meet performance criteria established by the Secretary, the State educational agency shall— (i) require the selected local educational agency to develop and carry out an approved plan of corrective action; (ii) except to the extent technical assistance is provided directly by the Secretary, provide technical assistance to assist the selected local educational agency in carrying out the corrective action plan; and (iii) conduct a followup review of the selected local educational agency under standards established by the Secretary.


42 USC § 1769c(b)(3)

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