covered beryllium employee

(7)The term “covered beryllium employee” means the following, if and only if the employee is determined to have been exposed to beryllium in the performance of duty in accordance with: (A)A current or former employee (as that term is defined insection 8101(1) of title 5) who may have been exposed to beryllium at a Department of Energy facility or at a facility owned, operated, or occupied by a beryllium vendor. (B)A current or former employee of— (i)any entity that contracted with the Department of Energy to provide management and operation, management and integration, or environmental remediation of a Department of Energy facility; or (ii)any contractor or subcontractor that provided services, including construction and maintenance, at such a facility. (C)A current or former employee of a beryllium vendor, or of a contractor or subcontractor of a beryllium vendor, during a period when the vendor was engaged in activities related to the production or processing of beryllium for sale to, or use by, the Department of Energy.


42 USC § 7384l(7)

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