advanced nuclear reactor

(1) Advanced nuclear reactor The term “advanced nuclear reactor” means— (A) a nuclear fission reactor, including a prototype plant (as defined in sections 50.2 and 52.1 of title 10, Code of Federal Regulations (or successor regulations)), with significant improvements compared to reactors operating on December 27, 2020 , including improvements such as— (i) additional inherent safety features; (ii) lower waste yields; (iii) improved fuel and material performance; (iv) increased tolerance to loss of fuel cooling; (v) enhanced reliability or improved resilience; (vi) increased proliferation resistance; (vii) increased thermal efficiency; (viii) reduced consumption of cooling water and other environmental impacts; (ix) the ability to integrate into electric applications and nonelectric applications; (x) modular sizes to allow for deployment that corresponds with the demand for electricity or process heat; and (xi) operational flexibility to respond to changes in demand for electricity or process heat and to complement integration with intermittent renewable energy or energy storage; (B) a fusion reactor; and (C) a radioisotope power system that utilizes heat from radioactive decay to generate energy.


42 USC § 16271(b)(1)

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