service coordinator

(1) Grants The Secretary may make grants under this subsection, with respect to any project that the Secretary determines has a sufficient number of frail elderly residents, for the cost of employing or otherwise retaining the services of one or more individuals to coordinate services provided to frail elderly residents of the project (in this subsection referred to as a “service coordinator”), who shall be responsible for— (A) assessing the supportive service needs of frail elderly residents of the project, based on objective criteria and interviews with such residents; (B) working with service providers to design the provision of services to meet the needs of frail elderly residents of the project, taking into consideration the needs and desires of such residents and their ability and willingness to pay for such services, as expressed by the residents; (C) mobilizing public and private resources to obtain funding for such services for such residents; (D) monitoring and evaluating the impact and effectiveness of any supportive services provided for such residents; (E) consulting and coordinating with any appropriate public and private agencies regarding the provision of supportive services; and (F) performing such other duties that the Secretary deems appropriate to enable frail elderly persons residing in federally assisted housing to live with dignity and independence.


42 USC § 1485(y)(1)

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