opioid use disorder care team

(2) Opioid use disorder care teams (A) In general For purposes of this section, the term “opioid use disorder care team” means a team of health care practitioners established by a participant described in paragraph (1)(A) that— (i) shall include— (I) at least one physician (as defined in section 1395x(r)(1) of this title ) furnishing primary care services or addiction treatment services to an applicable beneficiary; and (II) at least one eligible practitioner (as defined in paragraph (3)), who may be a physician who meets the criterion in subclause (I); and (ii) may include other practitioners licensed under State law to furnish psychiatric, psychological, counseling, and social services to applicable beneficiaries. (B) Requirements for receipt of payment under program In order to receive payments under subsection (e), each participant in the Program shall— (i) furnish opioid use disorder treatment services through opioid use disorder care teams to applicable beneficiaries who agree to receive the services; (ii) meet minimum criteria, as established by the Secretary; and (iii) submit to the Secretary, in such form, manner, and frequency as specified by the Secretary, with respect to each applicable beneficiary for whom opioid use disorder treatment services are furnished by the opioid use disorder care team, data and such other information as the Secretary determines appropriate to— (I) monitor and evaluate the Program; (II) determine if minimum criteria are met under clause (ii); and (III) determine the incentive payment under subsection (e).


42 USC § 1395cc-6(c)(2)

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