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Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (a)(1)(A)(ii) and subsection (b)(5), Federal employees or military personnel employed at or near a military base or installation outside the United States who are otherwise eligible under the criteria as set forth above shall be entitled to compensation for losses arising (1) out of the sale of property, or (2) out of the inability to sell property located on a base or installation, incident to the owner’s transfer, reassignment, or involuntary termination of employment, which results in his relocation. Such employees or military personnel whose property is located off a base or installation shall be entitled to compensation under subsection (c) for losses sustained in private sales. Such employees or personnel whose property is located on a base or installation, who sell or are unable to find a purchaser for such property, may surrender their interest in such property to the United States, and shall be entitled to compensation, notwithstanding lack of ownership of the land on which such property is located, in an amount equal to (A) 90 per centum of the sum of the present owner’s purchase price of the dwelling and improvements, and all costs of ownership including interest on notes, utilities and services, maintenance and insurance, less (B) the total of all housing allowances received from the Government during ownership and occupancy of the dwelling, all rents collected, and the sale price, if any, received for the property, as determined by the Secretary of Defense: Provided, however, That the maximum compensation shall in no event exceed 90 per centum of the unamortized portion of the cost of the property, including improvements, at the time ownership is terminated, as reflected in the amortization schedule, if any, relating to such property. For the purpose of this subsection, the term “United States” means the several States and the District of Columbia.


42 USC § 3374(l)

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For the purpose of this subsection
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