(7) Definitions For purposes of this subsection: (A) The term “applicant” means a State, political subdivision thereof, Indian tribe, any private nonprofit organization incorporated within the State that has applied for a grant under this subsection. (B) The term “homeless individual” has the same meaning given the term under section 11302 of this title . (C) The term “migrant farmworker”— (i) means any person (and the family of such person) who (I) receives a substantial portion of his or her income from primary production of agricultural or aquacultural commodities, the handling of such commodities in the unprocessed stage, or the processing of such commodities, without respect to the source of employment, and (II) establishes residence in a location on a seasonal or temporary basis, in an attempt to receive an income as described in subclause (I); and (ii) includes any person (and the family of such person) who is retired or disabled, but who met the requirements of clause (i) at the time of retirement or becoming disabled. (D) The term “operating costs” means expenses incurred by a recipient providing housing under this subsection with respect to the administration, maintenance, repair, and security of such housing and utilities, fuel, furnishings, and equipment for such housing.


42 USC § 1486(k)(7)

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For purposes of this subsection
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