additional telehealth benefits

(2) Additional telehealth benefits defined (A) In general For purposes of this subsection and section 1395w–24 of this title : (i) Definition The term “additional telehealth benefits” means services— (I) for which benefits are available under part B, including services for which payment is not made under section 1395m(m) of this title due to the conditions for payment under such section; and (II) that are identified for such year as clinically appropriate to furnish using electronic information and telecommunications technology when a physician (as defined in section 1395x(r) of this title ) or practitioner (described in section 1395u(b)(18)(C) of this title ) providing the service is not at the same location as the plan enrollee. (ii) Exclusion of capital and infrastructure costs and investments The term “additional telehealth benefits” does not include capital and infrastructure costs and investments relating to such benefits. (B) Public comment Not later than November 30, 2018 , the Secretary shall solicit comments on— (i) what types of items and services (including those provided through supplemental health care benefits, such as remote patient monitoring, secure messaging, store and forward technologies, and other non-face-to-face communication) should be considered to be additional telehealth benefits; and (ii) the requirements for the provision or furnishing of such benefits (such as training and coordination requirements).


42 USC § 1395w-22(m)(2)

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For purposes of this subsection
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